Top Ten Tuesday: New to Me Authors

Welcome Tuesday! Or as I call it here, Monday Two. Or Pre-Wednesday. Whatever you call it, it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday from the wonderful The Broke and the Bookish. Visit the link if you’d like to join or to learn more.

If I haven’t “met” you yet through visits to your web site, I’d like to say…

This is also what I said to some new authors this year. I discovered a lot of new voices and read some great books. (Yes, I actually read this year. Lol). And here they are:

top ten tuesday


You might have noticed that there are only 9.  Well, there is a 10th “author” that I read for the first time this year…ME! Sorry, I’m just too excited not to share this. My first short story “Kaleidoscope” was published last month in Pen Name Publishing’s On Life and Living: An Anthology. If you smiled for me, thank you!🙂 If you want to read it, check it out here. All the proceeds go to cancer research at UNC. So, there’s that.🙂


What new authors were new to you this year? Tell me!!!! (Although I’m sure they are all on my TBR list already. lol) But I still want all the comments!!!

Photo Story #128



The gust of wind kicked up and dropped the brittle brown leaf on the wooden table directly in front of me. Its edges curled up as if to smile. It rocked once to the left. Moments later it tilted back to the right then settled evenly again. Another gust of wind nearly lifted it, but its weight brought it back down. It scratched the table, nearly breaking off one of its tips. Then without warning, it was carried off.

It was speaking to me. But what did it say?

Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Thank You Cards

Thanksgiving! It means no work for a week! It means eating a lot! And It also means being thankful, which is the theme of this week’s TOP TEN TUESDAY brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. So I bring you my annual Bookish Thank You Cards.

top ten tuesday



10. Dear All The Bright Places, I never know which book it will be. The book that draws me back into reading after some sort of fall-out.  I’ve tried several YA books in the hopes of getting back into YA, but none worked. Until you. I am not sure why, but I enjoy reading you, and you’ve gotten me back into YA. Thank you.


9. Dear Post-It Notes, There would be no manuscripts for me without you. You help me plan out all my thoughts and organize my chapters. And you don’t laugh at how I need to be so organized. I line you up on the page and check you off as I write each scene. You have helped me get started on this new manuscript, and I thought it would never happen. You are the best.


8. Dear Instagram, I know you aren’t technically “bookish”, but you have helped me find some great bookish people. I participated in an October book challenge, and I found a bunch of great literary accounts to follow.


7. Dear Gilmore Girls, You have nothing to do with reading, but I am so thankful for you. You introduced me to Squeegee Beckenheim, Copper Boom, and weird plurals like culs-de-sac. You’re the best!

6. Dear Bossypants, You and all your other comedy-book friends have really helped me get through this YA reading slump. I found that I didn’t get nearly as angry when I read you! So I read a lot of you and put a lot of you on my TBR list. And laughing has been really important lately. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 7.31.38 AM

5. Dear Eleanor and Park, Thank you for getting me through that horrible travel day in Italy. Boy, traveling in Europe sure does make me grateful for how easy travel is in the USA. Why that “tourist helper” couldn’t have told us it was a subway type station down below and not a regular train station, I have no idea. But thank you Eleanor and Park for getting me through that awful 2 hour wait in that dingy, smoky, hot subway platform. Lesson learned.


4. Dear The Magnificent Ambersons, Thank you for being a great classic. I don’t know why you nearly didn’t make it to the 100 Best Books of the Century (at #100). You are tied with The Grapes of Wrath for my favorite classic. Every summer Katie and I pick a book off the list to read, and we’ve read some truly horrible books. But not you. You made this summer’s reading fun! Thank you. You’re #1 on my list.


3. Dear Mr. Darcy, You are not bookish, either. Other than your name. But I am always thankful for you. You are truly my Mr. Darcy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.22.02 PM

2. Dear Judy Blume, Thank you for being there while I was growing up to help me find a love of reading. Without you, I may not be the reader that I am today. I never want to forget my roots. And you are definitely part of my reading roots. Thank you.


  1. Dear Almost-published Chasing Eveline. Here I am again, haha. But really. I’m so happy you continue to be the little book-engine that could. You will not give up. And I will never give up on you. You are going to be in print. And I am so thankful.

What are you thankful for? Tell me!!!!! 🙂

Photo Story #127




He brought the flowers every year. The year she undercooked the turkey. The year her novel was published. The year the bathroom flooded. The year her father was no longer at the head of the table.

Every year no matter what he always brought the flowers. And she was thankful for that.

Pretty Cool Poetry #2

In honor of Thanksgiving and the revival of Gilmore Girls, I reminisce about my sadness at the end of the series and my thankfulness for the upcoming four-part event that will bring these characters back to life.

Ode to Gilmore Girls

O! lovely Lorelai and real rad Rory
How I’ve truly loved your story.
I didn’t watch when you first began,
But soon after became your biggest fan.
In season 2, the fashion show
Was the episode that made me know
That together you and I would grow.

Through Dean and Jess and Naked Guy too,
At Yale and in your Chilton blue,
Paris Gellar: foe or friend?
With Logan and Lucy in the end,
Rory, how I’ll miss you so;
Short hair, long hair, bangs, or no,
You raised me up when I was low.

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-08-13-pmFirst Max then Jason and then Luke,
Christopher was just a fluke.
Referencing the Donners and Godot,
Smart and single- you ruled the show.
Laughing all the while were we
At banter more and more witty
Than I could ever hope to be.

And there were Sookie and Michel,
Their two-percent milk and béchamel;
Richard, Emily, their panic room too,
Mrs. Kim, Jackson, Kirk, Lulu.
So much joy and happiness,
How do you measure, or do you guess?
Without you here, how much less?

O! Gilmore Girls, you’ve gone away,
But on my DVD you’ll play;
Seasons one through eight I own,
The only comfort now that’s known.
But grieving now, I miss you so
Life seems dark without this show,
But where you led, I will follow.



Top Ten Tuesday: Totally Rad Movies

There’s nothing better than Tuesday! Because it’s time for TOP TEN TUESDAY brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. And there’s also nothing better than totally rad movies! (Well, maybe totally rad books. Hmmm.) Movies that make you feel like this:

“Oh, I saw the whole thing, dude! First, you were like, whoa! And then we were like, WHOA! And then you were like, whoa.” –Finding Nemo

It was difficult for me to narrow this down to ten (So I didn’t. haha). I tried to make it an eclectic bunch and maybe throw a few of my favorites in here that may be new to you or ones that you may have forgotten. To bring you new smiles!

top ten tuesday


(*according to me)

Scroll over the picture and click for my scintillating commentary and reasoning.

What are your favorite movies? Have you seen any of these? Comments!!! I want all the comments!

Photo Story #126



Screaming Doesn’t Help

Life is a road. It’s straight sometimes, but then it curves. It might straighten out again or it might curve some more. But eventually a left will turn into a right. And it will go high, and it will go low. There may be solid flatland, and there may be bridges over treacherous drops. But it all evens out. And you’ll eventually get to where you need to be. No matter what kind of car you are in, this is how life goes. Screaming doesn’t help. Patience does.

She thought of this as she twisted and wound her way patiently through the green grassy hills.